William Eggleston “Memphis” (1969-70)

William Eggleston is and American photographer that widely credited for his colored photography. Eggleston created revolutionized photography by bringing color into art, reducing the notion of picture’s content to what was in front of the Egglestons eye and diminishing the importance of storytelling. In the series called “Memphis” were he took a picture of a tricycle that was altered by a fish eye lens to be perceived as bigger than the houses that were in the back ground.


Vincent Van Gogh (Shoes 1888)

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Vincent Van Gogh is a dutch post-impressionist painter whose work, known for its bold color, emotional honesty and rough beauty. Van Gogh painted the series “shoes” in the 1880’s.  Van Gogh visited Paris were he went to a flea market, he came across a pair of worn out shoes that he bought. The shoes did not fit him so he decided to use them as a prop for his paintings; the shoes became the most celebrated footwear in the history of modern art.


Hiroshi Sugimoto (Ohio Theater, Ohio, 1980)

Hiroshi sugimoto has been working on his photo-series entitled Theaters in which he photographs movie theaters, auditoriums and drive in movie theaters during the show. Sugimoto leaves the camera aperture open for the duration of the show and what is left is the bright screen that illuminates the surrounding of the space photographed. The images are presented as a relationship between spatial perception and time.

Gregory Crewdson “Boy with hand in drain” (2001-2002)

Gregory Crewdson is an American Photographer who takes suburban environments and turns them into scenes that look like a sci fi movie. You always get the feeling that something bad has happened, or is about to happen. Crewdson produces his photos on a feature film scale often using cranes, big lights and big crews. The image “Boy with hand in drain” is an image that is staged where a boy in the shower reaching deep down into the bathroom drain. There is a dark, empty space below were the boys arm is. The photo makes you wonder what is lurking under him. Gregory Crewdson uses his photos to expose dreams, desires, fears and anxieties that are part of everyday life.

Oxford Tire Pile #9b Westley, California, USA, 1999

Edward Burtynsky’s is a Canadian photographer that is interested in waste and contemporary ruins; he has achieved recognition internationally for his larger than life format photographs of industrial landscapes. The photo “Oxford tire pile #9b” is one of a tire graveyard which is outside our normal experience. The image is requiring a choice between equally undesirable alternatives and meant as a metaphor for our modern existence. Burtynsky’s images are intriguing in way ways. He captures the price we pay for our industrialized plants and yet somehow makes something that shouldn’t be beautiful and makes it beautiful.