Gregory Crewdson “Boy with hand in drain” (2001-2002)

Gregory Crewdson is an American Photographer who takes suburban environments and turns them into scenes that look like a sci fi movie. You always get the feeling that something bad has happened, or is about to happen. Crewdson produces his photos on a feature film scale often using cranes, big lights and big crews. The image “Boy with hand in drain” is an image that is staged where a boy in the shower reaching deep down into the bathroom drain. There is a dark, empty space below were the boys arm is. The photo makes you wonder what is lurking under him. Gregory Crewdson uses his photos to expose dreams, desires, fears and anxieties that are part of everyday life.

Oxford Tire Pile #9b Westley, California, USA, 1999

Edward Burtynsky’s is a Canadian photographer that is interested in waste and contemporary ruins; he has achieved recognition internationally for his larger than life format photographs of industrial landscapes. The photo “Oxford tire pile #9b” is one of a tire graveyard which is outside our normal experience. The image is requiring a choice between equally undesirable alternatives and meant as a metaphor for our modern existence. Burtynsky’s images are intriguing in way ways. He captures the price we pay for our industrialized plants and yet somehow makes something that shouldn’t be beautiful and makes it beautiful.

Jerry Uelsmann “Tree House”

Jerry Uelsmann’s photo the “tree house” was made in 1982. This is a black and white photo of a tree and stump put together as one coming out of a hill, There is also a grey sky that makes it look like it is about to rain. This photo of the ‘tree house’ really popped out to me, because it does in fact remind me of a childhood tree house. It’s like the comfort and fun you’d experience in a child’s home in a tree. Jerry is a photographer who made art out of multi layered images years before anyone else, doing this style of work without using a computer and programs such as Photoshop and darkroom.

Martin Parr “This is the world on vacation”

Martin Parr’s photo from the collection titled “This world on vacation” is a photo of an oblivious tourist who is sticking out like a sore thumb. Parr’s photo’s tend to point to the humor of life, while pointing to truth as well. The truth to this photo is sometime people, especially tourists, can be unaware of their surroundings, which speaks to our culture.

Overall Parr’s photos tend to match this style. To quote a critic on Parr’s photography, “… his photograph’s are original and entertaining, accessible and understandable. But at the same time they show us in a penetrating way how we live, how we present ourselves to others and what we value.”